Combining Python with Flash Lite and Symbian C++

by Pankaj Nathani

This month series of papers were released by the Symbian Developer Network.

They include,

1) The architecture for applications mixing languages

2) The strengths and weaknesses of various combinations of languages

3) How to combine Flash Lite with C++ or Java (with examples from KuneriLite and Jarpa)

4) How to combine Python with Flash Lite or C++ (with examples from Flyer and a tutorial on writing PyS60 extensions)

5) How to extend WRT widgets

The one that catched my eye, was the 4th one on the list! The title is too self explanatory to elaborate.

I went through this paper, which is co-authored by Felipe Andrade, Mikko Ohtamaa, Jussi Toivola and Mark Wilcox. It looks elegantly written and contains guide to make extensions for PyS60 in Symbian C++ with examples. It also includes, extending Python with Flash, using Flyer.

Last but not the least, few words quoted from the conclusion,

Unlike most other runtimes, you can never say, ‘Python can’t do it,’ since Python (with a bit of work) can do all the same things as native Symbian C++ applications. Unfortunately there isn’t always an off-the-shelf solution. We hope this paper has given helpful pointers for how to proceed in such a situation.

The Flyer Framework provides a free and simple way to add a Flash UI to a PyS60 application, or to extend Flash Lite applications with native platform features. For Python developers, Flyer gives you one way of building a richer graphical interface. On the other hand, for Flash developers it is the only extension mechanism which is portable across multiple platforms but also flexible enough to allow access to all native features on any platform.

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