PyJumble v1.0.0

by Pavan Pareta

I have been poking my nose into PyS60 since few months now and finally today I am releasing my first game – PyJumble.

PyJumble is a simple word game. It is based on the popular game Jumble – which is a word puzzle in which a player is given a set of letters which, when arranged in the correct order, give the un-jumbled word. A simple example would be the set of letters “lbujme,” which can then be rearranged to spell “jumble”.

Here are few screenshots of the game.

The most compelling feature of the game is Highscore. The game has two types of highscores – Offline and Online. The user can always update his/her score by enabling online highscore in the game settings. The top online highscores can also be retrieved through the game on mobile; otherwise it can be viewed here.

For knowledge of developers – the online highscore uses SQL database and some PHP as well.

I would like to thank Pankaj for his support and help, without which this game would not have been possible.


* Download the game here. Note: You need to sign it with all caps using OpenSigned Online before installing


* You can view your the highscore page here.

Any feedback is welcome.

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