Genius v1.0

by Rafael Tavares

Today I updated Genius to version 1.0. This version is brand new, with scores, levels and much more. I still need to correct some bugs, like text drawing (that can be a bit decentralized in some devices) and implement new things, such as settings, highscores, etc. Hope to see some feedback too, so you guys can recommend new features and report bugs.

Let’s see the complete change log:

# WARNING: Can’t start new game if a sequence/color is being drawed – avoids error
# WARNING: Can’t change the game mode if a sequence/color is being drawed – avoids error
# FIX: Darker main colors and brighter light colors
# FIX: Compare each color from the sequences
# FIX: Sequence only appends the color when it is drawed
# NEW: Press 2 for RED
# NEW: Press 4 for BLUE
# NEW: Press 8 for YELLOW
# NEW: Press 6 for GREEN
# NEW: Text with game status
# NEW: Score and level count on-screen
# NEW: Decrease draw time when level > 5
# NEW: “Append Mode”: Genius only shows last item of the sequence, user should input whole sequence




If you like it, please leave a comment with your feedback!

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