Python extension api weirdness…?

by Mark Hurenkamp

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Lately I’ve been away from python, mostly due to the fact that the Publish & Subscribe interface is not available in PyS60, and I would realy love to use that to retrieve charging status, but also as a means of propagating information throughout my application, and sharing info between applications.
So I started to work with Carbide C++, the Symbian 3rdFp1 SDK, and all that… installed it in a windows virtual machine (since I’m on a Mac), and after some time I got an extension to work properly from the emulator.
Then tried it on the N95… Crash!… of course, I made some mistakes, so I fixed them. Then … Crash! … of course, the emulator ignores the security model… and on the device it needs to be handled right.
Finally, I got something to work on the device as well, it is not perfect yet, but usuable for at least the retrieval of several settings, amoungst which the ‘ChargerState’ 🙂

One of the weird things I can’t explain is that when I define a class (Property) in my extension, it seems that the first method doesn’t parse the arguments properly. It keeps telling me method xxx requires no parameters (3 given)…
Adding a dummy top entry to the method table makes the problem go away…

If anyone can give an explanation for this behaviour, please do not hesitate to let me know!

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