New PyS60 1.9.7 – Many things new!

by Pankaj Nathani

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Just few minutes ago, a newer beta release of PyS60 was released. This is the 8th dot release in the 1.9.x series to obtain community feedback for the graduating PyS60 2.0 release.

The new additions to the 1.9.7 release are as follows,

  • Touch support added for GLCanvas UI Control. Directional pad is displayed by default on touch enabled devices. A sample application – is added to ScriptShell which demonstrates the functionality.
  • Two new APIs are added to canvas – begin_redraw and end_redraw. These can be used to instruct the window server to enable redraw drawing on the canvas UI control. Please refer the documentation (Section 3.1.10) for more details.
  • The multi-selection listbox has been modified such that the dialog for the option ‘checkmark’ now has ‘Options’ and ‘Back’ as its left and right
  • softkeys respectively. The ‘Options’ has Mark/Unmark entry that can be used to select and de-select respectively. The ‘Back’ softkey returns the
  • current state of the listbox based on the selected items.
  • 4-way directional pad support in landscape mode
  • Different flavors of Scriptshell application can coexist on the device.

To add to the list, the sample Scribble application has the following improvements,

  1. Performance improvement by using API’s begin_redraw and end_redraw.
  2. The drawing area is retained between landscape and portrait modes as the toolbar shifts to accommodate for this change.
  3. Pen width can be selected from a list of predefined values.

And yes, the PyS60 documentation can now be accessed online at

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