PyS60 Talks #1 : Sis files and Signing Issues

by Bogdan Galiceanu

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PyS60 talks #1

Finally, I hereby announce the PyS60 Talks #1 !

Like I said in an earlier post, PyS60 Talks is an initiative to help Python developers interact with each other.

The first session has been scheduled as you see below:

Date : 21 July 2008 (Monday)

Time : 13:30 GMT to 15:30 GMT

Agenda / Discussion Topic : Sis files and Signing Issues

PyS60 Talks #1 would cover discussions on creating SIS files for 2nd and 3rd edition devices. Also it would have discussions related to various signing issues (Specially extensions which require more capabilities and signing) The topics have been selected on basis of recent discussions on the discussion boards. We see a lot of people posting problems to “Sis files and Signing Issues”, and so PyS60 Talks #1 would potrait them !

This is the first session of Pys60 Talks, so the duration has been kept 2 hours from 13:30 GMT to 15:30 GMT thus more people would be able to attend it.

How to join the Pys60 Talks :

  • Go to
  • Write #pys60talks as the channel
  • Pick a nickname for yourself (this has to be unique, so try to come up with something more original than “Henry” or “John”)
  • Click connect.

The channel is currently protected with a password and will be opened at the beginning of the session. At least me and Pankaj will be joining from our side.

Note: When you enter the #pys60talks channel, just PM croozeus or bogdan your name and email address. We would use it for surprises (if any) after the talks ! This is not compulsory.

Hope to see you all at the Talks ! 🙂

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