Packaging Flash content for million hansets

by Manikantan

I have been planning to write on this article for such a long time. This post discusses the straightforward way to create HQ flash content on Mobile phones and reach out to the million handsets buzzing over the planet.

Well, say for example you are creating a game or an application for Nokia or Windows phones, these are the essential steps that you need to run through. the prerequisites include Adobe Mobile Packager 1.1, Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable player, Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4 and Symbian SDK.

First, download the Mobile Packager from Adobe Site or here.

The Adobe Mobile Packager is tool that can create SIS or CAB files ( installation files for the Symbian and Windows mobile platforms respectively) from the SWF you are going to create. Before the installation of Adobe Mobile Packager, you need to install the latest version of Perl and Symbian SDK. If you have not installed it, then no worries. You will be automatically directed to the URL for the dependency download. So, now we have crossed the first step of installing the Adobe Mobile Packager.

Next, install the Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player solution. What it does ? Say for example your content is delivered to a handset that does not possess Flash Lite 3.1 ( but is capable of doing so – considering memory and processing abilities), then on receiving your SWF in 3.1 version, a prompt appears asking him to download the latest version of flash Lite 3.1 for devices. Of course, this is an OTA install and you need to be located in those supporting countries. Get the distributable player from here.

The third step, build your application using Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4.

Its always important to test the application written in Adobe Device Central. So, this is the fourth step – to perform Robust testing in Device Central. To test the applications better or to learn about batch testing, you read my article here in Forum Nokia Wiki.

Entering the final stage :).Now that you have coded and tested the application / game, you are a step away from deployment. Use the Adobe Mobile Packager (downloaded in Step 1), to create a SIS or CAB file as per your requirement. At this stage, you can specify the Application name, give it an icon and many more as you can see.

Once you click the CREATE PACKAGE, a SIS or CAB ( as requested) would be created in the destination folder specified. What are you waiting for ? Test it on a physical device and reach out to the millions of customers out there.

Adapted from the article by Mike Givens.

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