Python – The N900’s Killer feature!

by Pankaj Nathani

Excerpt from

And now, what in my opinion is the most important feature offered by the N900, the one most likely to have the power to lift the N900 above its competition in the long run is:Python! What in the world is Python, you ask? Well, my little non-geek reader, Python is a programming language. So, what makes Python special? Well, I don’t have the time to explain it and give it its fair due. If you are interested, a really good explanation was given by Eric Raymond in his “Why Python?” essay. Let me just list some of the reasons I think Python is the most important feature of the N900.

  • Python lowers the barrier of entry for N900 developers.
    This is because Python is very easy to learn. My first programming language was Basic, followed by Visual Basic. I assure you, Python is easier to learn and makes a lot more sense. This is especially important when looking at code produced by somebody else.
  • Python makes hard problems easier to solve.
    This allows developers to attempt to solve more complex problems than with other more complicated languages. This will likely result in richer programs available on the N900 than on other similar devices.
  • Python is great for application development on the go.
    You can open up an editor, hack away at your code, and execute the code immediately, without having to wait for a compiler to churn through your code first.
  • The N900’s implementation of Python is not dumbed down.
    I realize that there is an effort in Android to make Python and other scripting languages available to some degree, but from what I have seen they are relegated to macro like functionality. In other words, you wont be able to create full blown stand alone Python applications in Android. The N900, on the other hand, will allow this. Even the GUI side of the applications can be created with well known Python toolkits like PyGTK and PyQt. This is very important because there are tons of developers that already know how to write N900 applications, even if they don’t realize it yet.

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