PyS60 Talks #2 : Conclusion

by Pankaj Nathani

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We had the second session of PyS60 Talks yesterday.

For those who are not aware about the new PyS60 Talks, please check it out here !

Agenda for PyS60 Talks #2 was PyS60 Extensions.

Again, I have to say we had a descent audience, handful of PyS60 Enthusiastics and PyS60 Extension developers.

The discussions were mainly pertaining to the agenda i.e. PyS60 Extensions.

Possiblity of new extensions and their implementation was the key discussion.

Finally, a list was drawn on the basis of the discussion for the most needy PyS60 Extensions :

Image processing, new missed calls, themes, audio processing (format conversion), cell info display, sound synthesiser, Battery Status (more accurate than sysagent), MAC Address, Xprofile for 2nd Edition, etc

And did I hear SIS decompiler somewhere in the discussion ? Wink

Now for the lucky draw, for all those who sent us their email addresses during the talks : As the Talks focussed on C++ Extensions – we decided to give away a book for C++.

The lucky winner is Rookie.

Congratulations to Rookie . Hope you learn from the book and make some good extensions for PyS60 in the time to come.

Bogdan will contact you soon, for your prize, at the email address you provided.

For those who missed the first session, there would be more sessions of Talks where you can participate.

Stay tuned to and here for details regarding PyS60 Talks #3 !

Until next time, au revoir !

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