SajiOS version 4 is out now (Flashlite + Python)

by Pankaj Nathani

My friend Sajid Ali has kindly informed be about the latest version (ver 4) of SajiOs.

SajiOS is designed for people who are bored with one type user interface. SajiOS is an application launcher with Powerful GUI and has a number of new features. It is developed using flashlite 2.0 and Pys60 for 2nd edition Nokia Phones only. It demonstrates how powerful interface can be developed using flash and services using Python.

Features :

  • User can add 12 icons of its own choice at desktop or create its own icons and set them at desktop. Not only icons but also shortcut to applications (that runs on clicking the corresponding icon).
  • User can add 8 application/game names and link to them in submenu
  • User can move cursor anywhere on screen.
  • At first run, It asks the user its name, user icon and password. And performs a test to check whether the write2file function is working or not.

  • A Login screen is created that appears each time SajiOS is started.

  • User can change wallpaper and themes. So , he will not get bored of one style. I created 3 themes yet. But hopefully i will create at least 2 themes each week.

  • Control panel is added, through which user can change SajiOS settings like changing wallpaper, theme, user name, user icon, password and red & menu key enable/disable.

  • To make user experience pleasent , i created animation at different places like at Log in , Moving to standby mode , at shutting down and restarting.
  • Adds Alarm Am/Pm alarm feature in stand by mood.
  • SajiOS has My Flash App created interlinking with Python. So SajiOS can automatically load the incoming messages and show it to the user + Keys capturing + launching feature.
  • Icon manager is created . So one can easily add icons on the desktop, submenu apps and startmenu shortcuts. As icon manager automatically detects installed apps and there is no need to remember the paths any more .

  • Flash SMS feature added. Now, you can send flash sms from SajiOS. Flash SMS is not a simple sms .It automatically opens in the receiver’s phone and as soon as he read the sms and press back key it disappears.

  • Incoming message style changed. It is made to be more stable. Now message scrolls in a top window and one can watch last sms by pressing green key. One can also disable this feature from SajiSoft control panel.

  • Profile and Free RAM status added. One can watch it by pressing # key in SajiOS.

  • KeyPad lock feature added. Now, one can lock your keypad by pressing Pencil Key in SajiOS .

Download and Install Instructions:

Latest Python runtimes and Flash Lite 2.0 is embedded in SajiOS v4. However, one can check mark them in optional files  to install. SajiOS can be download from here.

With all those features and screenshots, I know PyS60 developers would be lured to the user interface of the application. SajiOS  should start supporting Nokia 3rd edition phones in a month. Hopefully, we get a chance to feature this application in our Featured Applications section soon, specially for Python + Flashlite guys!

If you have any comments or questions regarding SajiOS, please feel free to ask, Sajid would be pleased to answer them.

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