Featured PyS60 Application #4

by Pankaj Nathani

Every 10 days, we would be featuring in the “Pys60 Applications” section, a new application on Pys60 !

The prominent aim of the “Pys60 Applications” section is to help the developers of Pys60 build standalone applications on Pys60.

The Featured PyS60 Application #4 is Sensor Sample by Jouni Miettunen.

This is a sample application for PyS60 (Python for S60) . It’s purpose is to demonstrate how to use the
built-in Sensor API in python applications.

Please note that Sensor API is available only in some devices, not in all. Currently known Sensor API
devices are Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 5500 and Nokia N82. For more complete device list, please
refer to Forum Nokia pages:


Here is a screen shot of Sensor Sample :

In Featured PyS60 Applications we provide you with the source code 😉 So the source code for Sensor Sample could be found here.

The code is well commented for understanding and learning from it.

There is only minimal error checking, no class structures and no debug support at all to keep the code more

Documentation for Sensor Sample is also available. You can dowload it here or by clicking the image below.

And Last but not the least – for those who just want to test this application on their phones (which support Sensor) I made a quick SIS (Self-Signed) file for you. Download it by click the icon below :

Note: If you wish your PyS60 applications or work to be published and featured here. Drop me or Bogdan, an email with the details. My contact info is here.

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