PyS60 Talks #3 : Community Edition, Appuifw2 and Featured Apps !

by Bogdan Galiceanu

PyS60 Talks #3

Good News for PyS60 Developers – Time for PyS60 Talks #3

For those who are not aware about the new PyS60 Talks, please check it out here !

Schedule for PyS60 Talks #3 :

Date : 22 September 2008 (Monday)

Time : 13:30 GMT to 15:30 GMT

Agenda / Discussion Topic :

PyS60 Community Edition , Appuifw2 Extension and Featured PyS60 Apps

This time we have some of the hot topics in the agenda, consisting of the lately released PyS60 Community Edition. Also a part of the discussion agenda consists of the new UI extension – Appuifw2 by y.a.k. and the First 5 featured PyS60 Applications on ! I can’t promise but I will send a personal invitation to the authors of each and hope that they can join us in the Talks !

How to join the Pys60 Talks :

This time we have 2 ways by which you can join the Talks

A) Click here, Enter your nickname in the page that opens and press Go ! …

B) Follow the following :
Go to
Write #pys60talks as the channel
Pick a nickname for yourself (this has to be unique, so try to come up with something more original than “Henry” or “John”)
Click connect.

The channel is currently protected with a password and will be opened at the beginning of the session. Me and Pankaj will be joining from our side. Looking forward to see all the participants of PyS60 Talks #1 and 2, once again.

Meet you at the talks

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