MWS Talks on !

by Pankaj Nathani

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That’s Right ! We, the guys at, are arranging special talks, for one of ourFeatured Applications, Mobile Web Server by Nokia.

The MWS guys at Nokia, missed the PyS60 Talks #3, and so we have arranged a special session of talks for discussions pertaining to MWS.

We would have the pleasure to be joined by Product Manager of the MWS – Jukka Eklund, with his comrades who would be addressing queries and would be glad to take your innovative ideas on  MWS.

Hopefully we would be also joined by Johan Wikman and the Project Manager of MWS – Juha Pusa, who would be glad to see you all, at the MWS talks, on wednesday.

Schedule for MWS Talks

Date : 1 October 2008 (Wednesday)

Time : 13:30 GMT to 15:30 GMT

Agenda : Mobile Web Server

How to join the talks?

You can join the talks in any of the following ways:

A) Click here, Enter your nickname in the page that opens and press Go ! …

B) Follow the following :

  1. Go to
  2. Write #pys60talks as the channel
  3. Pick a nickname for yourself (this has to be unique, so try to come up with something more original than “Henry” or “John”)
  4. Click connect.

C) If you are using an IRC client, use the following commands, to connect

/join #pys60talks

We have used our own #pys60talks channel itself for this special talks too. The channel is currently protected with a password and will be opened at the beginning of the session. As always, me and Bogdan will be joining from our side…

For those who are new to Mobile Web Server, here is your chance to expore it and you have a week, to collect your queries, ideas, etc to put them forward  to the MWS Talks.

Hope to see you all at the MWS Talks on Wednesday Smile

PS : Any questions prior to the talks can be addressed here.

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