Featured PyS60 Application #7

by Pankaj Nathani

Every 10 days, we would be featuring in the “PyS60 Applications” section, a new application on Pys60 !

The prominent aim of the “PyS60 Applications” section is to help the developers of Pys60 build standalone applications on Pys60.

The Featured PyS60 Application #6 is a game – Unity by Jouni Miettunen

Unity was originally invented in Japan 1985 as “Chain Shot!” by Kuniaki Moribe. After that it has spread all over the world with names such as SameGame, TumeGame, KomeGame, MameGame,
DebaGame, TileFall, Cabeem, MaciGame, GD-BMD etc.

The idea is to clear the whole playing area by removing tiles in groups. The more tiles you remove at the same time, the more points you get !

Here is a screenshot of the game that would interest you,

The current version of the game is 1.00 !

Well, there are updates that may come in for this game, and one of the updates is supposed to have a global high score, so that you may upload your highs core and compete with other friends in regard to high score.

As always we have the source code of the game available here !

Those of you who just want to enjoy the game, we have a SIS file for you available here.

The game is very very addictive and “No one can play it just once” ! So do be careful if you plan to install it on your mobile device. I have never gone past level 8, to be honest !

Note: If you wish your PyS60 applications or work to be published and featured here. Drop me or Bogdan, an email with the details. Our contact info is here.

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