Genius v1.2

by Rafael Tavares

Hi fellows!

Good to announce one more release of this game, which is getting better and better πŸ™‚

Genius now is not a baby software anymore! We had only 400 lines of code on previous release and now we have more than one script! The main script has now 600+ lines of code!

For those who don’t know, Genius is a Simon Says game made in Python for S60.

Changelog – version 1.2 released 2009-01-29:

β€’ WARNING: Hardcoded for 240×320 screens
β€’ FIX: User can input colors faster
β€’ FIX: Pre-calculated text: will be centralized in different devices
β€’ FIX: Arranged some drawing issues
β€’ FIX: Code better organized in classes
β€’ NEW: “Crazy Mode”: one new sequence at each level
β€’ NEW: Multi-language support (English, Portuguese)
β€’ NEW: Highscores implemented
β€’ NEW: Settings implemented

Special thanks to Marcelo Barros for localization code/discussions, packing issues; and Jouni Miettunen for Localization Test, Font Test and Unity.

I really can’t say that I made this release. I have to say Jouni did it. As Unity is great example for Settings & Highscores, I pretty much copied-pasted the code and made some very minor changes. The same applies to Localization, which I caught from Localization Test and updated with Marcelo’s example. So, again: thank you very much Jouni and Marcelo!

Genius main screen

Tested on:

Devices: N95-1, N95 8gb
Python: 1.4.4, 1.4.5, 1.9.0



Hope you enjoy,


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