Crypto – algos

by Manikantan


For all those who were thinking about bringing safety into your mobile application, here is a quick Know-How. I must thank Cristian for this wonderful package though. So, with this code you can implement AES algorithm on your handset. However, you need to think twice. AES is one of the strongest security algorithms written till date. But its quite heavy on implementing and it soars before you get the encrypted string.

So, this is the link where you can get the package for AES implementation.

The author was kind enough to also post the server side AES implementation of the same on .NET

It can be noted that other sophisticated algorithms such as RC4 and RC5 have been designed just for the handheld scenarios. These algorithms take into mind the low computing power and power limitations and provide a security measure. Frankly, it does not matter if the lifetime of a security break is either 1 billion or ten million years. All we need is a security for at the max few hundreds of years 🙂

I am currently researching on the best possible crypto-algorithm for handheld devices and trying to implement the same.


# 30 jan 2009

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