Featured PyS60 Application #1

by Pankaj Nathani

Every week we would be featuring in the “Pys60 Applications” section, a new application on Pys60 !

The prominent aim of the “Pys60 Applications” section is to help the developers of Pys60 build standalone applications on Pys60.

The Featured Pys60 Application #1 is – EQUATIONS by Rafael Tavares of Brazil.

EQUATIONS is a simple Pys60 application that helps to solve 2nd order mathematical equations !

Try to solve this simple equation for x,

(x^2) + 2x + 1 = 0

and this complex one,

194(x^2) + 13x + 44 = 0

The first one as well as the second one and all the 2nd degree equations in mathematics could be tackled by EQUATIONS.

You can see a presentation for the Featured #1 – EQUATIONS -> Presentation for EQUATIONS

You can see the source code for the Featured #1- EQUATIONS

-> Source code for EQUATIONS

(Click on the image to magnify – it works good)

Equations is a simple application on Pys60 and is very good application from which beginners of Pys60 could benefit!

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