PyS60 1.9.3 is now here with Touch!

by Pankaj Nathani

Finally, PyS60 1.9.3  – now updated to Python core 2.5.4, one of the dot releases in the 1.9.x series has been announced less than a hour ago!

Here is the list of improvement and what a list!

  • Good news, the newer version now supports touch interfaces on the appuifw Canvas. An API has been added to the existing appuifw and the function – touch_enabled() is used for checking if the device supports touch input.
  • Also a sample application – scribble – is provided with the installed.
  • New module – sciptext makes PyS60 more poweful enabling/extending use of services like  Application Manager, Calendar, Contacts, Landmarks, Location, Logging, Messaging, Media Management, Sensors and Sys Info.
  • Easier installation – now only one file needs to be installed – PyS60 Script Shell (available from S60 3rd FP2 onwards).This should support all ensymble packaged applications in future releases.

I believe that the above concrete list of enhancement in the PyS60 version is a Big leap forward towards 2.0

Long live PyS60!

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