Touch UI and tactile feedback in 1.9.3

by Marcelo Barros

Have you seen that there is a doc about touch UI in this release ? It is very interesting, even for curious like me that don´t have any S60 device with touchscreen. Now, you can use the canvas bind()  to listen to some touch pointer events (key_codes was updated),  specifying the area of screen you want to monitor. For instance, in the example, this feature is used to check when a button is pressed.

Some events cited in this document:

  • EButton1Down – Pen down event
  • EButton1Up – Pen Up event
  • EDrag – Drag event (This event is only received when button 1 is down)
  • ESwitchOn – Switch on event caused by a screen tap.

bind usage:

bind(pointer_event, callable, [((x1,y1), (x2,y2))])
The pointer_event can be any one of the Pointer events listed in

Anyone testing these events ?

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