Python for S60 1.4.5 released

by Bogdan Galiceanu

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Today the announcement was made that version 1.4.5 of Python for S60 was released. The thread can be found here. I have to say it’s a bit of a disappointment because it’s just another maintenance release. There are 4 new features:

  • Added the possibility to run Python code in threads that weren’t started by Python itself
  • Added timeout support to globalui module
  • The positioning module has been made safe to use from several threads.
  • Support for the “description” field has been added to the calendar module

The release can be downloaded from here (release notes have extensive information about what has changed and what still has to be dealt with).

Well, it’s definitely better than nothing, but I’m sure we’re all eagerly waiting for the next big release, with full support for the new touch interface ­čśÇ

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