Watch Me – Light Touch v1.00

by Jouni Miettunen

wmltWatch Me – Light Touch is a fun little application to show color on-screen. Not colors, but one! You change the color by sliding your finger horizontally on-screen: left to reduce and right to increase color’s RGB value.

  • Top area for RED
  • Middle area for GREEN
  • Bottom area for BLUE
  • All three colors right makes WHITE
  • All three colors left makes BLACK

For random effects move your finger slowly on-screen up and down, left and right, round and round and back again.

Touch bottom left corner to popup Options menu and touch bottom right corner to exit. Beware, it’s easy to exit by mistake.

For Fellow Developers

This is an experiment how to use appuifw Touch UI. How to define active areas on-screen, how to capture touch events, how to interprete raw data and user actions based on them.

There is nice sample code how to define and handle “virtual softkeys” for Options menu and Exit buttons. Last feature is a normal Touch enabled Listbox, source code copied as-is from Watch Me – Light Now.

It’s a bit rough, but I can testify that 1.9.3 is getting not only serious development environment – but fun also!


Released only as source code. Requires PyS60 1.9.3 and Nokia 5800.



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