Wordmobi 0.7.0-RC2 (multi-blog) released

by Marcelo Barros

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Since multi blog version represented a large change in WordMobi development, I decided to use the release candidate cycles. The first one (version 0.7.0-RC1) is finished and some bugs were fixed:

  • Blog persistence was leaving trash in persistence file.
  • Initial screen (accounts) was not showing icons.
  • When including local images, scale factor dialog was not been showed. Now, if you choose any local image, you can specify a scale factor (in percentage). An initial number is suggested, representing a scale factor for 480px, suitable for blogs.
  • Selection image dialog was not saving the latest directory used. Now it is working.

I sent all new locales to translators as well and I hope to release 0.7.0 in the next days ! Download 0.7.0-RC2 from project page.


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