First PyS60 Community Edition is Out!

by Pankaj Nathani


Today GameDude announced the first build of PyS60 Community Edition. It is a compilation of some useful extensions, scripts/applications and patches. So now you no longer have to install some extensions separately to use them in your scripts. All you have to do is use the Python Community Edition.

The following extensions, applications and patches are included in the first release.


The following extensions are included

– Extends appuifw with additional and improved features.

– Various Series 60 platform utilities

– Original:
– Another:
– This extension is deprecated. Same functionality already implemented in appuifw2

– S60 progress and wait notes.

– show, hide and terminate applications
– improved appswitch

– Extended location
– To be merged with ‘location’.

Extensions not included:
– location : Conflicts with elocation. To be merged.
– gles, glcanvas: Uses Tls:Dll. Requires special treatment when built-in. Not done yet.
– sensor: Requires support from phone.


The following example applications are included. They compile to standard Symbian EXE
files and are more than just Python script files.


– Wraps a web browser and periodically posts user’s GPS coordinates to web server,
making it possible to create location aware web services.


– Use phone as a SMS gateway and send/receive text messages over simple HTTP server


– Stand-alone application based on the official script.


– Stand-alone PUTools Bluetooth console.

Hello world

– Always start with something simple.

Application Watcher( not installed in release )
– This daemon application is started on-boot and configured to watch and launch your
application when it is closed. Good for watching your background task that needs to
be running. Small memory footprint.
– Configured at build-time
– Thus not part of release at this time
– Can be disabled, enabled and closed with a configuration file.


The following patches are included

– Better access point selection support which static access point ids.

Download details,

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