Enter JavaFx

by Manikantan


You may ask why I am talking about JavaFx here, being a Flash Lite enthusiast and Croozeus being the Home to PyS60 developers. The answer here is that it deserves mention and honour. It is certainly a huge leap forward for Java Developers to design rich and compelling mobile applications with animations and graphics. JavaFx is another platform that released in the last half year that can be used to develop applications for the desktop and mobile platforms. Sony Ericsson is the first enterprise to launch its Mobile port. And it is pretty certain that Nokia, who owns a large share in the market, will have its port coming up soon.

Sun’s site hosts a broad range of example for getting started with JavaFX development, here. There is also a contest for JavaFx, which may interest you, all. If you are already ignited and want to get kicking, here is your way.

Netbeans , one of the leading IDEs has already come up with a plugin to help programmers of JavaFx. To read and know more, goto the home page.

The best part of JavaFx is the programming style. It doesnot have the regular or conventional java syntax. I have seen some examples in the site that extract the power of Accelerometer, widgets, sample video players, small games like Brickbreaker in the mobile domain, which were noteworthy.

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