SMS 2 Email!

by Pankaj Nathani


How many times has it happened to you, that you need to send an urgent email, and you just don’t find internet with you?

How many times, while travelling, did you want to  send an email, but again no internet/GPRS?

Like the above two questions indicate, sometimes do we find ourselves caught up in situations like this. Moreover, if WLAN connection is not available, sometimes GPRS/WAP connection is expensive to use, particularly in India, where operators have trap tariff data plans for the same. Today as the world goes deeper and deeper into the internet, email has become the basic necessity of life for some people – Ask yourself!

Q: So what is a sensible thing to do in a situation like this?

A: Send an SMS

Well, the catch is establishing a mobile email server on a phone and using the same through other phones. A group/firm/family can use the email services by accessing the mobile email server (phone) remotely. I have been working on a similar project since last few days. The idea to turn the phone into an email hub is accomplished by an application SMS2EMAIL which serves this purpose.

The SMS2EMAIL application has to be installed on one of the phones from the group/firm/family. This phone now acts as a gateway for sending emails. Group members can send emails by merely sending an SMS to this phone (syntax specific ofcourse). The SMS Syntax is demonstrated in the screenshot below. The users can be configured on the application ofcourse, and they are authenticated before sending emails.

Sometimes it even serves lazy people who just care to type an SMS rather than browsing the web or the webclient to send emails, and I am one of them 🙂

Would love to hear comments, and below is a video demonstration, Enjoy!

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