Getting Started with Flash Lite 1.1 Game Development

by Manikantan

I found this wonderful tutorial on how to get started in Flash Lite Game development. In this Five -page tutorial, the author describes the starting point, the generic code structure for simple games, and navigation guidelines. Highlights of the tutorial page include the five-frame model or
# Game Start
The user will see a screen that says start game, he has to press a button to start playing.
# Initialization
All objects and variables required for the game will be created in this frame. This code needs to be executed once only and that is why it is separated from the rest of the code that will have to be repeatedly executed.
# Game Execution Loop
This frame will have the actual code to run the game, it will control the movement of the objects during game play and will continuously run throughout the game.
# Game Loop 2
This frame has the simple task of making the previous frame loop. It does not have any other task or code.
# Game Over
The player is transferred to this screen when he consumes all his lives. This screen will show him his final score and will also give him the option to play again

This forms the skeleton of the game. Now there are lots of other things and nuances that need to be considered before developing the content and the logic, sustaining the game. Chris Petty from BlueSkyNorth has given a quality note on this at the Adobe Forums, here.

Premiere game developer,reviewer and owner of i-games studio Mariam Dholkawala from India has listed some of the guidelines ( Dont’s  or Not -to rather) at her blog, here.

Note that Flash Lite 1.1 is a very restricted environment for designing games. Flash Lite 2.0 is more robust with the ability to create Classes, use enterFrame, use KeyListeners and many more powerful features. With Flash CS4, you now design vector and animate them with inverse Kinematics. This is a wonderful feature, you need not draw every frame, but you can let Flash bare the load and ultimately makes design easier and quicker.

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