Will PyS60 1.9.4 come today?

by Pankaj Nathani

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It has been a month since the last release of Python for S60 and it is likely that a newer version of PyS60 is expected either today or early next week. No official announcements by Nokia PyS60 team, but we do have a calculation for expecting the release ๐Ÿ˜‰

24 December 2008: Python for S60 1.9.0 has been officially released.

24 January 2009: Python for S60 1.9.1 has been officially released.

24 February 2009: Python for S60 1.9.2 has been officially released.

24 March 2009: Python for S60 1.9.3 has been officially released.

The common aspect of the above releases is the date 24th of every month. So it seems the PyS60 manager has setup a Psychological Deadlineย  for every dot release in 1.9.x series on the 24th of every month.

That being said – today is 24 April, so logically we should be expecting a new release -PyS60 1.9.4 today evening itself. Lets wait and watch.

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