Nixie Watch v1.10

by Jouni Miettunen

nixie_110_2Google Analytics reports about 1000 pageviews in two weeks for Nixie Watch, the analog vacuum tube look-a-like wristwatch on S60 (if that makes any sense). This was something unexpected, so I felt an obligation to make an update.

After all Nixie Watch was a nice little gadget, but not as user-friendly as it could have been. Last night I cleared my backlog, personally I’m happy with the result. Hope you like it, too!

Version 1.10, 2009-05-05

  • New: Support landscape mode and screen rotation
  • New: Green and Blue nixie tubes
  • New: Remember selected tube color at next startup

Released as ready-to-install SIS (only for PyS60 1.4.x) as well as source code. Tested in N82 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.



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