Python for S60 1.9.5 is now released !

by Marcelo Barros

PyS60 team releases one more PyS60 dot release in the series of 1.9.x releases, now 1.9.5.

I am very excited to test this version since now appuifw has scrollbar support for appuifw Listbox. The lack of scrollbars was blocking touch UI applications based on Listbox.

From announce in Forum Nokia:

On the brighter side:

  • – Three Nokia signed PythonScriptShell applications with different capability set (S60 3rdEd default capability set, S60 3rdEdFP2 default capability set and S60 3rdEdFP2 default capability set plus the capabilities SwEvent, WriteDeviceData and ReadDeviceData)
  • – Scrollbar support is available for appuifw listbox
  • – e32.s60_version_info now returns the proper S60 version information of the device on which the application is running.
  • – Packaging tool improvements
    – Added an option to package the application sis as bycode or source code.
    – Default heapsize for PyS60 applications is increased to 100k,4M from 4k,1M
    – Added an option “Continue with missing dependencies”. Enabling this option will display the missing dependencies as warnings and continue with SIS generation. Otherwise the packaging is strict. Missing dependencies are displayed as errors and SIS generation is aborted.
  • – Many defects are fixed with this release. Refer release notes for more details.

Here are some of the things that are worse in 1.9.5 when compared to 1.4.5:

  • There is an additional dependency to the OpenC libraries, which must be installed for the runtime to work.
  • Sadly, S60 2.x devices are not supported by the new code-base, and never will be. This is because OpenC libraries aren’t available for S60 2.x.
  • Binary compatibility between 1.9.x versions isn’t guaranteed until 2.0. We won’t break it without good reason, but it can happen.
  • API compatibility of new sensor module isn’t guaranteed until 2.0. We won’t break it without good reason, but it can happen.

You can download the release from maemo garage:

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