The authors for Croozeus Blog are as follows:

Pankaj Nathani

Pankaj has been working on the mobile platform and developing mobile applications over 5 years. Developing mobile applications and implementing useful innovative ideas are his passions. Pankaj is most interested in developing applications for location-based services (LBS), information services, and automation. He has mainly been developing applications using   Qt, Python, C++, Symbian C++, Android and Web (HTML/Javascript).  He has been helping and guiding students and developers of mobile applications across the globe.

Bogdan Galiceanu (Bogdan.Galiceanu)

Bogdan is a Romanian student interested in developing mobile applications in Java, C++ and especially Python. He is currently a high school senior and intend to attend college in a technical domain. He started working with PyS60 in late 2007 and has been using it to create applications for mobile devices ever since as he finds it is the easiest programming language.

Jouni Miettunen (JOM)

Jouni Miettunen is a weekend and night-time hobby coder. He has written about 100 freeware games and utilities for half a dozen systems for too many years, dreaming about writing commercial quality software. He lives currently in southern Finland, with a family.

Mark Hurenkamp (mark.hurenkamp)

Mark is an embedded software designer, making his hobby his work, he still likes to use the little free time he has to play with Linux, Mythtv, and since about a year also PyS60. Being an enthusiastic hiker as well, his major efforts on the S60 platform are aimed at improving his creation, a program that aids hikers in finding their way by using a GPS to show their position on a digitezed map.

Jussi Ylänen (jethro)

Jussi Ylänen is from Finland. His S60-related activities focus on providing software development tools for officially unsupported platforms, such as Linux and Mac OS X. So far he has released two software packages to aid “Python for S60” programmers working on non-Windows environments: Python-to-SIS, the next generation ( and Ensymble

Didier van den Daele (Cyke64)

Didier, very popular as Cyke64 is a PyS60 enthusiastic. He is always helping developers of Python for S60, especially on the Python Dibo (FN). PyS60 owes many extensions from him – xprofile, appswitch, misty, flashy, etc. Also amongst of his very popular extensions, Axyz is the extension used by many people, for developing applications using the accelerometer. All his extensions can be found here.

Rafael Tavares (Rafael T.)

Rafael is 15 years old and lives in Brazil. Despite being young, he develops applications using Python for S60 and Symbian C++. Programming is his favorite hobby and he practices it everyday. Currently, Rafael focussed on helping users in the Python Discussion Board, writing articles for the Wiki and developing his applications. In a near future, he hopes to help people in Symbian C++ Discussion Board too, as currently he is still learning it.

Luis Valente (lpvalente)

Luis is a PhD student at PUC-Rio (Brazil) and a member of VisionLab/PUC-Rio. His research focuses on mobile entertainment using cellphones. He’s also a Forum Nokia Champion.

Manikantan K (manikantan.krish)

Manikantan has developed various applications on Flash Lite for past 2 years including commercial applications for m-commerce and m-learning. His interests equally lean towards developing games for mobiles devices. He has been recently reading J2ME and PyS60 for their power and the numerous kernel hooks they provide.

Marcelo Barros (marcelobarrosalmeida)

Marcelo Barros is graduated in electrical engineer, with MSc and PhD degrees in computational intelligence.  In the last six years he has been working as an embedded software developer, creating controllers for the industry automation field. Strong computer network and TCP/IP programming skills complete his profile. Mobility and Python
programming are his current hobbies and he combines their powers with PyS60 for Nokia Smartphones.

José Antonio Oliveira (javsmo)

José graduated in Computer Science on Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), has programmed in several computer languages, but specifically, on commercial projects, in C, C++, x86 Assembler, Delphi, VB, ASP, PHP and Javascript (not in this order). He started PyS60 programming as hobby in January 2009 and has also written some mobile programs in J2ME, but PyS60 is now his passion on mobile development platform.

Pavan Pareta (pavan.pareta)

Pavan is a Microsoft Certified Technology specialist who has been interested in developing and designing widows based software since last 5 years. His expertise includes C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, JavaScript, HTML, SQL CE (Compact Edition), SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000 & VB 6.0 among many others. Basically developing solutions for Windows mobile and pocket PC devices, he has recently been interested to program on Symbian devices specially on PyS60.

Felipe Rodrigues (felipe.rodrigues)


Felipe likes to study and improve the mobile User Experience (UX), because he believes that UX is not all about the design but is also about coding – connecting beauty and functionality in the best possible way. His specialties are (x)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, DOM, JSON. He is a big enthusiast of Symbian and Maemo,and is spending his time developing Nokia WebRuntime Wigets and studying the WRT and Flash Lite platform. He believes in the convergence of Web and mobile developers, and hope that it can connect more and more people

Marcel Caraciolo (marcel.caraciol)


Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo is graduated at computer engineering, currently is Master Degree Candidate on Computer Science at Federal University of Pernambuco (CIN/UFPE) – Recife – Brazil. Interested on mobile computing, data mining and intelligent computing. Focused on joining mobile computing and machine learning techniques and believes in the future there will be the convergence between mobile and user context where he is inserted into. He is a big enthusiast of Symbian and started mobile programming since 2007 where Python is his passion combining it with mobile into  PyS60 mobile apps to Symbian Nokia phones.


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