Updates: VersionN Studios – Mobile App Studio

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. A lot of things have taken shape since my last post here. I see that many people do occasionally land up on this blog so I wanted to share two updates.

The first update is that I have started an App Studio based out of Bangalore. We specialize in building mobile products: apps on leading mobile platforms (primarily iOS and Android as of now) and mobile APIs & analytics that supports the app itself. It’s been almost 5 months now that I have been working on this full time. We are lucky to have some great clients to start our journey and we have build some awesome mobile apps and SDKs to start with. Here is a link to the website for our app studio: http://www.versionn.com

Secondly, I may not be able to post regularly on this blog. I have started writing on medium sometime back so you can follow me there: https://medium.com/@croozeus My first post was about app updates – What is the right time to release an app update? If you have a mobile app product, you should definitely read it.

We are also planning to kick off an official blog for the app studio, so you may find couple of my technical posts / articles about the mobile industry there as well. I will update this post with a link to the official blog for the studio when that happens. Oh and you can always follow my micro updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

That’s all folks, look forward to connect with you!

Edit: As promised here is the link to the official VersionN Studios blog. I’ll try to cover articles on mobile app development, design and industry best practices.

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While developing hybrid mobile apps

Hybrid apps bring together the best elements of native and HTML5 apps. Minimistically, HTML content wrapped within a native launcher, hybrid apps are best suited for quick development, reasonably good UX, easier maintainability and most importantly access to native functionality. Also, it is relatively easier to port a hybrid app to several mobile platforms when compared to native apps – since the most of the UI (HTML) layer remains same across platforms.

There are popular frameworks one can use to develop hybrid apps for e.g. Phonegap, Titanium, Intel XDK, etc. However, if you want to get your hands dirty and work on your own native/Js code to exchange data and trigger js/native events, here are couple of things that would get you started with hybrid apps on popular mobile platforms.

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Archiving PyS60 blogs and tutorials

Croozeus.com has been a valuable resource for PyS60 developers. We’d had some great content for developers  including PyS60 tutorials and the PyS60 blog. It’s time that these resources are officially archived.

You can access these at:

Since Nokia adopted Windows Phone to be their lead platform for smartphones in early 2011, Symbian has been gradually side tracked. That being said, Nokia 808, the last Symbian powered device by Nokia, has been a revolution imaging: It comes with an amazing camera (with a 41 MP sensor) and ‘Pure view’ imaging technologies. Read more about the PureView imaging technology by Nokia experts here. I can only start to imagine how PyS60 developers can use this powerful camera to come up with amazing multimedia apps.

This is just one example where developing apps with PyS60 may still be handy, however the fact is that Python on Symbian still remains an effective technology to be useful for research, prototyping and study purposes.

Before 2 years, I authored a book with Bogdan Galiceanu which covers everything that you’d like to learn about Python on Symbian. This book is available on Amazon.com and a free online version is hosted at the Nokia Developer Wiki.

Archiving the PyS60 resources on Croozeus.com means that thee wouldn’t be any updates and additions to these resources. However, in the interest of the PyS60 fans I would still maintain the tutorials and the blog to be read only. The archived blog main page showcases the important posts, includes Featured articles, projects, network programming series. The comments on the PyS60 blog have been disabled. If you’d like to reach me, please comment on this post.

On this note, I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed to the PyS60 resources here, specially the blog. Going forward I’ll be using this blog (croozeus.com/io) as my personal oeuvre – posting about my projects, experiences, etc. Stay tuned 🙂

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