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- PyS60 1.9.0- What is new?

PyS60 2.0- Expectations?


- PyS60 1.9.0 is now here!


- How to make PyS60 Extensions?

by Symbian Press


- PyS60 1.4.5 Released


- Featured Application #10




- Global Notifications and Queries.


- Avoiding Python to be terminated

by Red Key and Hiding the shell.


- Displaying Text and showing an image on a Window.


- Making a call, Hanging up calls, Waiting for a call.

- Featured PyS60 Applications #10: Genius


- Featured PyS60 Applications #9: Nshaver


- Twin Featured PyS60 Applications #8: BH BlueJack and BH Text-to-Speech


- Featured PyS60 Applications #7: Unity







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