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The main contributors for are:


Pankaj Nathani



Developing mobile applications and implementing useful innovative ideas are my passions. I have been working on the mobile platform and developing mobile applications since March 2007. I am most interested in developing applications for location-based services (LBS), information services, and automation. I have been helping and guiding students and developers of mobile applications across the globe.

I actively participate in Forum Nokia Discussion Boards, Forum Nokia Wiki, and Forum Nokia Blogs. I was also recognized as Poster of the Month (Oct 2007) for my active participation on the Forum Nokia Discussion Boards. I have also been named a finalist in the Mobile Rules! Technology Innovation Competition 2008. I have also been featured on as the Champion of the month for June 2008.

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My email address is firstname dot lastname at croozeus dot com


Bogdan Galiceanu



I am a Romanian student interested in developing mobile applications in Java, C++ and especially Python. I am currently a high school senior and intend to attend college in a technical domain. I started working with PyS60 in late 2007 and have been using it to create applications for mobile devices ever since as I find it is the easiest programming language.

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My email address is firstname dot lastname at croozeus dot com




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