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Notification, Menus and Forms. Canvas, Content Handler and Queries. Set application title, tabs and set application body. Application screen size and Application Orientation. Text to speech, Playing and Recording sounds and setting volume. Taking a Photo, Recording Video and Using Viewfinder. Accessing Contacts and Adding - Deleting Contact entries. Using the e32 Module. Drawing, Opening and Editing an Image. Checking the Inbox, Reading SMS, Deleting SMS and Waiting for a SMS. Setting Logs, Retrieving Last missed calls, Retrieving Last SMS. Sending SMS, MMS, Email. Battery and Signal, Free Ram and Free Space, IMEI and firmware, phones, display, etc. Making a call, Hanging up calls, Waiting for a call. Displaying Text and showing an Image on a Window. Avoiding Python to be terminated by Red Key and Hiding the shell. Global Notifications and Queries.








Global Notifications and Queries:






#Copyright (c) 2008 Pankaj Nathani


#The globalui module can be used to show notifications and queries even if the application is running in the background

import globalui

globalui.global_note(u"Task complete")
#Shows a standard note

globalui.global_msg_query(u"First, open the small box...",u"Instructions")
#Shows a customized query

#Shows a normal confirmation query

#Shows a popup menu



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