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Download PyS60 for your device and emulator. Installing Python for S60. Learn to Code in Python for S60. Making a sis file from your Python script. Making and testing your first application. PyS60 Extensions.








Download PyS60 for your device and emulator.


 1st Edition


                    Nokia 7650               Nokia 3660/3620             Nokia 3650/3600                 Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD




 2nd Edition Initial Release


                      Nokia 6600




 2nd Edition FP1


                    Nokia 3230                    Nokia 6260               Nokia 6620                     Nokia 6670                 Nokia 7610





 2nd Edition FP2


                    Nokia 6630                  Nokia 6680/6681




 2nd Edition FP3


                Nokia N70                                  Nokia N72                         Nokia N90




 3rd Edition Initial Release


                    Nokia 3250                     Nokia 5500 Sport                              Nokia E50                        Nokia E60


                Nokia E61                                     Nokia E61i                         Nokia E62                  Nokia E65


                    Nokia E70                               Nokia N71                         Nokia N73                         Nokia N75

                    Nokia N77                        Nokia N80               Nokia N91/N91 8GB                       Nokia N92

                    Nokia N93                               Nokia N93i




 3rd Edition FP1

                       Nokia 5700                Nokia 6110 Navigator                  Nokia 6120                 Nokia 6121

                       Nokia 6290                       Nokia E51                           Nokia E66                         Nokia E71

                    Nokia E90                                  Nokia N76                      Nokia N81                Nokia N81 8GB

                   Nokia N82                                     Nokia N95                            Nokia N95 8GB




 3rd Edition FP2


                       Nokia N78                         Nokia N96



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