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Download PyS60 for your device and emulator. Installing Python for S60. Learn to Code in Python for S60. Making a sis file from your Python script. Making and testing your first application. PyS60 Extensions.








PyS60 Extensions.


Pys60 Extensions are separate files that you install to access a particular feature from Pys60.

Pys60 Extensions are libraries that enable access to functionality not provided by the standard PyS60 distribution.

We have an enthusiastic Pys60 friend and Forum Nokia Champion Cyke64 who has been developing many new extensions for Pys60.


All his Extensions can be viewed at


We have a extensive list of Python libraries (Extensions) on the Forum Nokia wiki.

Click here for the list of native extensions


Also you can see Extensions from Open Source Wiki here


How to Make PyS60 Extensions ? By Symbian Press


Those of you who have smart knowledge of C++ can also write extensions for Pys60 to make it more versatile.

Do you wish to make PyS60 Extensions ?

Read The Tutorial on How to Make Extensions




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