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Making a .sis file from your Pythin script.


The tool you need to create an installable package from your .py script is Ensymble [] (by Jetho.fn on FN DiBo)


Here are the steps you need to follow:


1) Place the files you downloaded according to the Ensymble site, along with your script (for example, in a folder, for example C:\myfolder



2) In the Windows command prompt, set the path to C:\myfolder and type these commands on one line (adjusted to your situation):


python py2sis --uid=0xE1AB1122 --appname=MyApplication --vendor=MyName --verbose myapp.sis

This creates the file myapp.sis. If you don’t specify a UID, a randomly generated one is assigned. If you don’t specify the application’s name (which is shown in the menu and title pane) the file’s name is used instead. “--verbose” tells Ensymble to display possible warning and other messages.




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